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Born in Tokyo, Eri Maeda lives and works in Vannes-le-Châtel in Lorraine, North East of France.
Her French- Arabic culture and experience from her childhood to her studies in France naturally brought her to be open to the meeting of diversified cultures.

Her knowledge in the Ikebana technic, traditional japanese floral arrangement, and work in the Western flower arrangement lead her to the world of glass arts.
Eri uses glass to create and tries to translate the essence of the life she felt and acquired since her childhood thanks to her arabic, french and japanese cultures.

The sculpture in lost wax technic helps her to assemble material and light, transparency, translucency, luminosity and helps her concretize her concept of "The energy of all bodies of Nature". After a training at the Tokyo Glass Art Institute and at the Centre de Formation aux Arts Verriers (Cerfav) of Vannes-le-Châtel, Eri obtains the CAP "Décorateur sur verre" in 2005 and becomes "Compagnon Verrier Européen" in 2006.
She takes part in many expositions in France and abroad.

- All the expressions of the Glass in the harmony of shape and colors, in the beauty of the world, in Nature - Eri MAEDA

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